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Across Canada, we bring the same dedication to every project.

For more than five decades, we have helped businesses in Canada take their construction projects from concept to completion. Our first major projects took place throughout the high Arctic, where the unique logistical challenges of construction in northern and remote regions created the baseline for how we approach projects today. We use our extensive expertise to navigate the construction process from the high Arctic to rural communities and in large urban centres.

Then & Now



Mission, Vision, & Values


To create strong relationships with all stakeholders by providing personalized end-to-end service, while also minimizing our environmental footprint.


To contribute positively to a healthier and more sustainable world, and continue to be an organization our employees are proud to be part of.


Dedicated to sustaining long-term relationships, in the pursuit of a better future.



This is our way of life.


Embracing our responsibility to care for and protect the environment for future generations.


Always act with integrity. The right way is the only way.


Solving tough construction challenges has always been a part of our history.


Everyone is welcomed and valued here, regardless of background.


We build with determination, perseverance and creativity, together.

The Team

Don Snodgrass

Donald Snodgrass


A wide range of commercial and industrial projects encompass Don’s 50 years of experience as both a project manager and estimator. He works closely with our construction teams and clients, sharing experience and insights into project management, estimating, problem solving and analytics. He brings extensive experience in large-scale projects, sustainable design and overseeing project teams across Canada. In his role as president, his focus is to provide mentorship and leadership for the next generation of construction professionals.

Christine Snodgrass

Christine Snodgrass

Vice President

As the second generation at the helm, Christine’s experience stretches across every facet of the company. She learned to read blueprints (when they really were blue!) before she was eight years old and started her CPI career as a janitor when she was ten. Since then, she has worked as an administrative assistant, safety coordinator, estimator and project manager. She is passionate about safety and actively cares about the well-being of every person on a CPI site.

Saher Kilada

Saher Kilada

Senior Project Manager

With over 30 years of experience in construction, Saher is one of CPI’s most respected project managers and has successfully managed hundreds of projects, from office fitups to international projects worth more than $150 million. Instrumental in the successful completion of the cellular infrastructure network in the Middle East, his project experience includes military and federal institutional projects, as well as schools and complex health care facilities.

Ian Ferley

Ian Ferley

Chief Financial Officer

Leveraging a knowledge base built on leadership in financial reporting and accounting system design, Ian brings over 20 years of financial leadership to our company and to every project. His high-level expertise on cost controls and budgets provides oversight to project accounting to ensure accuracy of ledgers and general effectiveness of the project budget.

Pritesh Shah

Pritesh Shah

Head Estimator

With over 22 years of combined estimating and project management experience, Pritesh leads the estimating team at CPI by applying knowledge and experience gained as a project manager. During his time with CPI, Pritesh has established, developed and maintained strong relationships with various subtrades and leverages those to benefit clients and support project teams across our organization.

Pierre Dumas

Pierre Dumas

Safety Manager

With over 12 years of construction safety experience, Pierre brings extensive knowledge of safety requirements throughout Canada to every project. He acts as safety protocol and procedure management between project owners, site staff and subtrades. Internally, he has implemented and updated our safety protocols to include current occupational and health and safety standards as per federal and provincial legislation, industry standard and best practices.

Safety is a cornerstone of our operation.

View of right torso of construction worker wearing high visibility vest holding a white hardhat against his body

We believe every person should ‘go home safely and take safety home’, taking the lessons learned at CPI and incorporating them into daily life. Our culture of safety crosses all levels of our organization, and our team is kept up to date on current safety protocols through in-person and remote training. Our goal is to create a safe work environment for employees, subtrades and clients. Preventing injuries should always take precedence over any operational requirements.

Safety is our way of life, and we maintain a rigorous and comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program to ensure our project teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate potential hazards in the workplace. We place a strong emphasis on safety training and education and foster a culture that maintains a safe work environment for everyone. We are COR certified, and our paperless safety program provides information in real-time about every job, streamlines processes for our employees and subtrades, and helps drive value for our clients.


COR National Standard SiteDocs
Person wearing high visibility vest, safety glasses, and white hard hat inspecting building infrastructure

Our commitment to quality extends through every level of our organization.

Quality is our main foundation, and delivering exceptional work is ingrained in who we are. We employ a team of highly experienced professionals from civil engineers to project managers who are dedicated to ensuring every project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence, both of which are reflected in the successful outcomes of our projects.

Quality is a key element in the selection of subtrades and suppliers for our projects, and we put our history of consistently delivering quality projects on the line every time we start a project. We work to consistently deliver quality in each construction phase to achieve a final project that meets or exceeds client expectations.

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