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Ray of Hope Medical Clinic

Project Description

CPI worked closely with Ray of Hope to create a modern, functional medical clinic and pharmacy that can serve up to eight physicians.  A specialized medical HVAC distribution system was incorporated into the design for the clinic. The result was a space that met the unique needs of the client while succeeding in conforming to all relevant building codes and regulations. The medical clinic was constructed within the larger building which also provided room for additional, 3rd party commercial space.

CPI designed and constructed the new space, covering every aspect of site development, from excavation and foundation work to site utilities as well as the incorporation of landscaping features.

The site remained in operation except for any site meetings, which were done via Teams. All coordination was done via email or conference and/or phone calls.  In accordance with provincial guidelines, the site would be shut down if any site personnel are directly compromised due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The site would also be shut down if any part of the construction team – client, consultant or contractor – suspended operation temporarily as this would impact responses and construction times. The site would also be shut down if supply-chain and/or suppliers were unable to deliver materials and equipment to site.

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